Tips for Getting instagram likes

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Not receiving as many Instagram likes on your photos as you want? Well, have no fear! We have put together this nifty collection of tips which should, hopefully, tell you everything that you need to know about boosting the amount of likes that you can get on your Instagram photos:


Make ample use of them. Hashtags allow people to search for photos related to a specific keyword. If you are not using hashtags in your post, then nobody beyond your followers will be able to see your photographs. Of course, it is important that you take the time to choose the correct hashtags. People will become very irritated with you if you share images under hashtags which are not related at all.

You should try to use as many hashtags as you possibly can. You can get as niche with those tags as you want. Let’s say that you are posting a picture of a dog. You can use the #dog tag. This will get you a lot of likes. However, you may also want to add a hashtag on which indicates the breed of the dog e.g. #BorderCollie. This means even more likes!

Share Decent Content

Boring photographs are never get liked in a million years. It is important that if you want Instagram likes, you create awesome pictures. Let’s say you are sharing images for your business; you may want to take decent product photographs, maybe photographs of somebody using your products. It does not really matter. Just make sure that the photographs are of a high quality and that they are interesting to look at.

Try to mix up your content too. You really do not want to be posting the same type of photo numerous times. When people browse through your Instagram, they will only like one of them, they will not like all of them!

Interact with the community

If you see a picture that you like, then feel free to like it or, better yet, comment on the photograph. This will encourage people to head on over to your page and do the same for you.

Post at the right time of the day

There are three times of the day which are ‘prime time’ for getting Instagram likes. You may need to experiment to find out which time is going to be right for you:

  • During the middle of the day, perhaps when people are on their lunch breaks.
  • In the evening, shortly after dinner time. This is when people are most likely to be browsing the web.
  • On special occasions. If you can come up with relevant photos for a holiday, then you will get tons of likes!

Many people kickstart the amount of Instagram likes that they have by liking photographs of random people that they have found searching under hashtags. You will be surprised at just how many people will head to your page and reciprocate that, which is going to be brilliant for you!

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